My experience at Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the power within” – London, April 2017.

It’s almost a year since I attended “Unleash the power within” (UPW) – the transformational Tony Robbins event. I wanted to share with you some of the insights, knowledge, and experiences I had.


Life will never be the same!

The title above reveals quite a lot about my feelings about the UPW event. I suppose you already know, or have an idea, about who Tony Robbins is: possibly the most well-known personal development coach in the world, amongst his other traits.

“Unleash the power within” is a 4-day event, held just a few times each year – one of those is in London, around April. When I attended in 2017, there were 10,500 people from all over Europe – it was massive!

It was an extremely empowering and transformational experience, and I will try to capture in this blog post some of the insights, knowledge, and my impressions of the event.


Day 1: Turn fear into power – The firewalk experience

The first day was about finding out our fears and facing them. The day ended with the “firewalk” – walking on hot coals ! I felt so strong after doing it, so good about myself! It was immensely empowering. I will briefly describe some of the key points I learned on the day:

  • We all have two primary fears:
    • “I am not enough” – (I will fail, I’m not good enough, etc.)
    • “I won’t be loved” –  (People won’t like me)
  • There are two master skills in life:
    • 1. The science of achievement
    • 2. The art of fulfilment (=growing and giving). Achieving things without feeling fulfilment is a failure in life.
  • The source of all emotions are 3 forces, and they determine how we feel at all times:
    • 1. Our physiology: For example, how we posture and move our body.
    • 2. Our focus: Where is my attention at? What am I thinking about?
    • 3. Our language: What words do I use? Positive? Negative?
  • About the walking on hot coals experience: One thing I remember is that when we were walking from the seminar hall outside to where the hot coals were (about 15 minutes) and while we were waiting for our turn to walk on the coals (another 15-30 minutes), we were in a state of a trance of some kind. We all walked there barefoot, clapping and shouting “yes” rhythmically. An astonishing experience!
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.50.33
Me after the firewalk experience!


Day 2: Turn dreams into reality – The power of success conditioning

The second day was about conditioning ourselves to success. One thing that many of us don’t realise, is how hard we are on ourselves. We self-criticise very easily, and we don’t acknowledge our wins. I will again briefly list some of the key points from the day:

  • Be kind to yourself! Love yourself. Don’t beat yourself up.
  • The important thing is to try – you don’t have to get it “right”. Pat yourself on the back for every small success. Say “I am awesome! I freaking rock!!”.
  • Ultimate Success Formula:
    • 1. Know your outcome
    • 2. Know your reason why
    • 3. Take Massive action
    • 4. Assess where you are
    • 5. Change your approach/Learn.
  • Change “I should” into “I must”, and then into “I can”. If I must, then I will.
  • Neuroassociative conditioning: It is the way to keep the change you have made. You condition yourself every day to maintain the change; it’s similar like keeping on going to the gym to maintain the fitness. There are 3 steps to lasting change:
    • 1. Get leverage – believe that failing to change now equals massive, immediate, unbearable levels of pain. Also believe that changing now equals massive, immediate and extraordinary pleasure.
    • 2. Interrupt the limiting pattern.
    • 3. Create a new empowering pattern, and reinforce it until it is habit.
  • “Ask and you shall receive”, but ask intelligently. Ask the right questions.
  • Closing the gap from where you are now financially to where you want to be, by goal setting and the science of momentum. We did a fantastic exercise on this.
  • Progress! The training never stops for an extraordinary life. Celebrate the victories! Shake that ass!


Day 3: Transformation day – Breakthrough to your new life

Day 3 was for me the day that my life changed forever – it was such an overwhelming and empowering experience, called the Dickens process. Here are the key points from the day:

  • The day started with the pyramid of mastery and the wheel of life: There are 7 aspects to everyone’s life. In hierarchical order, they are: Physical body, Emotions & meaning, Relationships with people, Time, Work/career/mission, Finances/wealth, and Celebration/contribution/sense of spirituality. (I have written another post about the Wheel of Life).
  • Our values and beliefs determine and control everything we do.
  • Values are the emotional states that we believe are important to either experience or avoid.
  • Beliefs are both our generalisations (for example I am…, People are…), and our rules (for example “if I earn X amount of money, then I will be successful/ happy etc).

  • The Dickens process then started. It is named after the Charles Dickens story “A Christmas carol”, which I am sure you are familiar with. It is based on Scrooge, when he is shown the future that he will have if he doesn’t change his ways.
  • We identified 3 limiting beliefs about ourselves that have been producing unwanted or negative consequences in our life. I’ll share with you one of the 3 that I had: “People don’t care about what I have to say”. Yes, believe it or not, this had been a limiting belief I’ve been carrying with me for years!
  • The Dickens process then continued. We were asked to think of the negative consequences of these beliefs, and projecting them in 5 years’ time into the future, and then feeling how you would be feeling in 5 years, if you keep on having these limiting (bullshit) beliefs. And then move forward another 5 years. And keep on feeling worse and worse because you haven’t changed. And then move 20 years ahead and see yourself…  I have to say that the experience was tremendously intense and emotional – people were crying and screaming. And when you’re in a room of 10,000 people, the energy is electrifying!

  • The change happened when we were brought back to the present, and realised that all these terrible consequences of not changing, all these feelings of regret, have not yet happened. And they will not happen because we will change these limiting beliefs of ours into new, empowering ones!
  • So we took each of our limiting beliefs and transformed it into new, empowering beliefs! We wrote them down and repeated them many times, to ourselves, and to others around us. The process ended with an incantation we all chanted many times, something that has embedded forever into my mind.

Now I am the Voice


Day 4: The power of pure energy – 12 master principles of a vital life

The last day was about living a vital life, having the energy to take action, being healthy and strong. There were also some meditation practices with master Stephen Co.

The ’12 master principles of a vital life’ is a very big subject to go into detail; I will only name the principles here, and I will go into detail on an upcoming blog post (promise ;-).

  1. Breathing and lymphasizing
  2. Living water and live foods
  3. Essential oils
  4. Alkalinity
  5. Aerobic energy
  6. Maximum nourishment
  7. Structural alignment & maximum strength
  8. Connected mind and heart


  1. The poison of processed fats
  2. The poison of animal flesh
  3. The poison of dairy products
  4. The poison of acid addictions (coffee, sugar, wheat, nicotine, alcohol)

At the end of the event we were given a “10-day challenge”, with recommendations to follow these principles for 10 days, and then see for ourselves how we would be feeling, what kind of energy levels we would have, and make a decision on whether we want to carry on with these principles.

I certainly felt amazing energy levels, being cheerful, lively, and having people telling me that I radiate! On hindsight, I wish I carried on for longer (I only did it for 12 days).


Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.59.23

Final thoughts

I don’t know if you can relate – we experience some events happening in our lives that shape and change us. Not necessarily in an overt way, but undeniably nonetheless, even if subtly. UPW was for me one of the turning points in my life. I have been a different person since I walked the London ExCeL doors a year ago!


“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”

– Tony Robbins

Here’s Tony’s twitter profile:

And here’s this year’s (2020) UPW event in Birmingham (affiliate link):

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