DISC personality profiles

D.I.S.C. personality profiles

I have always been fascinated by how people (and also myself) behave so differently in similar situations. It was only when I found out about “personality profiles” that I started to realise that the way we behave is not entirely unique to ourselves; there are common personality traits shared among people. So when I discovered this particular “D.I.S.C.” classification, I was able to immediately identify myself to the characteristics of the profile I belonged in!

I’m not going to elaborate on the origins or history of D.I.S.C. – if you’re interested there’s much information on the internet. Instead, I will give a brief description of the categories and some of the characteristics of each profile.

The four profiles are as follows:

  1. Dย Driver/Direct = The dominant
  2. I Influential/Interactive = The socialiser
  3. S Steady/Supportive = The amiable
  4. C Cautious/Careful = The analyst

Each of us belongs to a primary profile, but many people also have, to a lesser extent, the characteristics a secondary profile. Let’s have a look at each of them in turn. See if you can spot which one you belong to!


TFL1inStickers-2 copy 3Characteristics of this profile are:

  • Outgoing, unemotional.
  • Task-oriented.
  • Direct, factual, decisive.
  • Results driven, fast-paced.
  • Strong-willed, firm.
  • Straight to the point – does not like small talk.
  • Loves to win, hates to lose.
  • Can be blunt/forceful.
  • Makes quick decisions.
  • Accepts challenges.
  • Usually they run their own business.



TFL1inStickers-2 copy 4Characteristics of this profile are:

  • Outgoing, emotional.
  • People oriented.
  • Likes to be liked.
  • Interactive, inspirational.
  • Loves having fun, hates being bored/ignored.
  • Likes to look good! Flamboyant.
  • Unfocused in time management.
  • Enthusiastic, optimistic, lively, high-spirited.
  • Really likes to talk!



TFL1inStickers-2 copy 2Characteristics of this profile are:

  • Reserved, emotional.
  • People-oriented.
  • Sincere, calm, patient.
  • Supportive, sympathetic.
  • Humble, patient, accommodating, tactful.
  • Family oriented, kinaesthetic.
  • Loyal, dependable, cooperative.
  • Need to feel comfortable.
  • Create and maintain peace/harmony.



TFL1inStickers-2 copy 5Characteristics of this profile are:

  • Reserved, unemotional.
  • Task-oriented.
  • Analytical, precise, systematic, conscientious.
  • Details oriented, reads & highlights text.
  • Loves to be right, hates to be wrong!
  • Speaks slowly/deliberate.
  • Doesn’t make fast decisions (analysis paralysis).
  • Technical in nature, loves facts/rules.
  • Need to think about themselves/enjoy their independence.



DISC personality birds - Eagle, Parrot, Dove, Owl

Have you noticed any similarities between yourself (or some people you know) and any of these profiles? What do you think?

I hope this short blog post has given you some useful information that will help you to better understand yourself and others!



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