I was always fascinated by quotes. I have found throughout my life that, whenever I was faced with an important decision or with a challenging situation, somehow I would come across an appropriate quote that would give me clarity and assist me to move on.

Throughout history, there have been some extraordinary individuals who lived lives that had an impact on humanity; these remarkable people will always serve as beacons of inspiration to anyone that seeks to be inspired – to anyone that is after personal development, motivation, and inspiration.

With all these in mind, back in June 2017 I started posting one quote a day on my Facebook page. Initially I didn’t have any specific plan for it – I just thought it would be a cool thing to do for a while. A few months passed, and I realised that I hadn’t missed a day – there was an element of self-discipline in this daily routine of mine that I found intriguing. On top of that, I had frequent messages from people telling me “keep doing it”, or “this resonates within me” or “this was exactly what I needed to hear this morning”.

So after a few months of posting daily, I realised that I couldn’t stop; and as a matter of fact I din’t want to stop. It became a kind of a ‘mission’ for me, to carry on posting one quote each morning –ย every morning. Eventually I spread across more social media platforms, so now I also post on Twitter and Instagram every day, apart from Facebook.

I’m close to 450 days in a row now, so that’s 450 posted quotes! My goal is to do 1,000 (and then who knows?!). Here are some of my favourite ones, I hope you appreciate them.

Do follow me on social media if you want to start each day with a small piece of inspiration by some of the most exceptional human beings that walked on earth! (Click/tap on the “3 lines menu button” on the top right of the page –ย  the links are there.)

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