Podcast interviews!

Very excited to be celebrating one year of the “Personal development essentials” podcast – it has been an awesome and transformational journey! During this first year of the podcast, I had the pleasure, honour, and privilege to interview 15 exceptional people, and to help share their message.

There have been so many learnings and distinctions from these 15 conversations, and I will expand on them in due course. For the time being, here is an overview of these 15 episodes, along with each podcast’s shownotes.

Awaken your Alpha: Adam Lewis Walker (episode 7)

My first ever interview was with a truly inspirational guy who I admired and followed since I listened to his podcast interview with Will Polston. Adam helped me when I was setting up my own podcast with his knowledge, and he happily accepted when I asked to interview him for my infant, at that time, podcast. This was my first ever interview and I remember I was a bit nervous 🙂

Adam is a TEDx speaker, a coach and a mentor, he runs a successful podcast with over 300 episodes published called “Awaken your Alpha”, and he is about to release a book.

In this interview find out about Adam and his journey, dealing with a life-changing injury, following a life-long dream of moving to USA, and becoming an inspiring presence for others. Listen about his new book, being released on October 3rd, and how you will benefit from reading it.

Book: http://www.ayalpha.com/book/

Podcast: http://www.ayalpha.com/

“If you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no-one.”

– Adam Lewis Walker

World of wisdom and spiritual adventure: Alexander Northern Deer (episodes 15-17)

My first in-person interview happened to be with one of my dearest friends, the shaman Alexander Northern Deer, who I’ve known since I was 20 years old. I had a long list of questions to ask him because I think he is an absolutely fascinating person – we ended up talking for many hours, so I split the content into 4 separate episodes.

I was blessed and I am grateful for this opportunity for an in-person interview with him – go to the podcast and listen to his “world of wisdom and spiritual adventure”!

Northern Deer Alexander is a shaman, a spiritual teacher and a healer. In this first part of the interview, you will listen about his fascinating story on how he became who he is. He explains what is shamanism, what the term “spiritual” really means, and about his healing interventions. You will also understand his perspective about why so many people today struggle with health problems and also with money problems. And you will find out how simple (but not easy) it is to improve our financial situation.


In the second part, he explains why so many people today have problems with their relationships, and he describes how a relationship should be from a spiritual point of view. You will also find out how can we improve on our relationships, and finally Alexander explains what Tantra is and how we can utilise it.


In the third part, he talks about what is meditation, and what techniques we can all use to begin or improve our meditation practice. You will also listen about what is internal dialogue, where it comes from, and how we should approach it. Finally, Alexander gives information about his spiritual school and how you can contact him.


You can find more about Alexander here:
Website: https://theworldofwisdom.com/
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWisdomSpiritualAdventure/

“On the other side of our fear is freedom.”
– Northern Deer Alexander

“The most courageous act is still to speak out your truth and follow your path independent of circumstances.”
– Northern Deer Alexander

Make it happen: Will Polston (episode 18)

The interview with Will Polston was a very unique one, for two reasons: First, we booked a recording studio in Chelmsford to do the interview, and second because up to now it’s still the only interview that Paul and me did together.

Will Polston is for me one of the biggest catalysts in my ongoing personal development journey of the last 3 years, a coach, and a friend. This interview is superb, one of my favourites.

“Personal development essentials”, episode 18: We are interviewing the founder of the Elite Network, Will Polston, who is a TEDx speaker and the youngest British man to be a member of the international coaching federation. Will Polston is on a mission to empower 1 billion people to unlock their potential and “make it happen”!

Listen to this remarkable discussion with Will, as we are talking about everything from goal setting, daily routines, accountability, to the Elite network, the “Personal development event of the year 2018” and much more!


“Don’t set your goals in relation to your ability, set your goals to the potential impact of your purpose.”

– Will Polston

Forte: Chris Branch (episode 23)

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview at Chris’ osteopathic practice in Chelmsford. Chris is very charismatic, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to listen to – both his message and his delivery are outstanding 🙂

I am interviewing Chris Branch, a successful osteopath who is passionate about personal development. We are discussing why it is important to live an intentional life, what is minimalism and its usefulness, and the benefits of practicing daily meditation.

We also explore the topic of habits. If you think about it, our life is the sum of our habits, and if we want to change our lives we need to take a careful look at our habits. Chris explains how to establish a new habit and how to make it stick.

Finally, Chris talks about the 12 month alcohol-free ‘adventure’ he undertook last year, the challenges in this voluntary hardship, and the realisations he’s made through that journey.



The War of Art book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1319.The_War_of_Art

Chris’ blog: http://chrisbranch.me/

“Our life is the sum of our habits”

– Chris Branch

Confidence coach: Natalie Bailey (episode 25)

I first met Natalie at a public speaking course and we “clicked” – what an exciting and excited person! Natalie lives in Mallorca, and on one of her trips to the UK, I invited her for a podcast interview – we had a fantastic time! Natalie was the first female guest of the podcast – it was great to feature a female voice, after 24 episodes of blokes talking!

Natalie has an intriguing story. She transformed from working 3 jobs and being tired, miserable and broke, to a successful entrepreneur, property developer, public speaker and confidence coach.
We talk about how education and mentorship helped her develop, about her vision to use property as a vehicle to bring people together, and about the methods she used herself to grow her own confidence and transform.
We also talk about her prolific social media presence, the importance of finding your calling, and how she works with individuals to help them grow their confidence.

Natalie Arabella Bailey

Passion to succeed: Craig White (episode 27)

I met Craig at a personal development networking event and I invited him immediately for an interview – he has a fantastic energy and outlook!

I am talking with Craig White of “Passion to Succeed”. Craig is a successful serial entrepreneur, a vibrant public speaker, a fellow podcaster, a proud dad, and the world’s most passionate master coach!

He discusses with me why passion is the most important ingredient of success, about his mission in life, and shares some highlight of his public speaking and coaching experiences.


The interview video on YouTube:

Craig’s website:

“Enthusiasm is the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

She rises: Denise Mortimer (episode 32)

I met Denise when she was giving a speech at Will Polston’s “The Evolve network” event. I was captivated by her energy and positivity, and invited her for a podcast interview!

Denise is a “fabulousness finder”, a very positive and energetic person who’s passionate about helping others to connect with and live their potential. She is an inspirational keynote speaker and a business mentor, empowering other women to step up and build a business.

We talk about people’s unfulfilled potential, positive psychology, the imprint we have from our childhood, meditation, “hedonic” and “eudemonic” happiness, amongst other things!


Your best life: Chuck Hogan (episode 37)

In April 2019, I crewed for the first time in Tony Robbins’ event “Unleash the power within”. Chuck was the crew facilitator – leading a crew of 600!

Chuck is one of the most inspirational and wise people I was blessed to meet in my life, and this is one of my most favourite interviews!

Today I am truly honoured and grateful to be speaking with an outstanding and inspiring person, Chuck Hogan, who (amongst his many other traits), is one of Tony Robbins’ senior trainers.

Listen to his insightful and empowering message, as he talks about having an attitude of gratitude, cultivating the art of fulfilment, thriving in our lives rather than surviving, mapping our emotions, developing our self-love, and much more.

Chuck has an outstanding loving energy, and this effortlessly flows through what he says and how he says it – have a listen (or a view) and experience this yourself!

Enjoy this episode – be blessed!

Email: chuck@legendarylifestylesinternational.com

Belief bound mind: Aaron Timms (episode 38)

I met Aaron at a Toastmasters event. I was giving a speech about the power of intention, and Aaron was a guest. There was an immediate click between us – like we have known each other from another life 😉

Aaron has a fascinating and inspirational self-healing story, that will send shivers down your spine and inspire you. I had the pleasure to visit him in his home office and interview him.

Aaron Timms is the author of the Amazon #1 best selling book “Belief bound mind”, where he describes his extraordinary story: from losing loved ones and breaking his back in a terrible accident & given the diagnosis that he would be a paraplegic and spend his life in a wheelchair – to complete healing of both mind and body.

Aaron takes us on a journey of describing the tragic life changing event, and then the miracle of his healing. Aaron used the power of his mind, visualising and affirming his beliefs that he would heal. He is a firm believer in the power of our mind and our beliefs. 

Aaron’s latest vision is empowering others and teaching others how they can self-heal, not only their physical bodies, but also their whole life. He states that “if I can do it, you can do it.”

LINKS: https://www.aarontimmsofficial.com/

Wim Hof method: Emma Estrela (episode 40)

I met Emma when she spoke at the “Personal development event of the year” in 2018. She has a captivating energy and calmness, and she is #1 female instructor of the Wim Hof method.

I’ve had my personal experience of Wim Hof, when I attended his workshop in London and did the breathing exercises and the ice bath (I wrote about my experience in this post), so I was fascinated to interview Emma and delve deeper into this knowledge.

It is my pleasure to be talking with Emma Estrela Corrie, #1 female instructor of Wim Hof method in the world! Listen to her as she explains the Wim Hof method, talks about her story and her ‘lightning moment’, discusses breath work and cold exposure, and the connection between the mind, the body, the breath, and our spiritual side.

A fascinating conversation, hope you enjoy and find it valuable 🙂

If you haven’t listened to episode 31, where I describe my own personal Wim Hof experience, you are missing out!

EMMA: http://www.emmaestrela.com
WIM HOF METHOD: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

Funeral orator: Cosimo Marraffa (episode 42)

I met Cosimo while we were both crewing at Tony Robbins’ event. We arranged and had this incredible interview about the crewing experience, death, loss, and what’s meaningful in life.

It is my pleasure to be talking with Cosimo Marraffa, a public speaker with a very unique niche: he is a funeral orator. We discuss, amongst other things, his experience of crewing Tony Robbins’ UPW and stepping up into a leadership role, his reasons for wanting to become a trainer and a coach, and how he became a public speaker in funerals.

Having delivered more than 400 funeral speeches, he shares his experiences about death, how people cope with the loss of a loved one, and the lessons he has learned from this. There’s a hindsight perspective of what life is and what’s truly meaningful, when you can look back at it like this.

An absorbing conversation, hope you find it valuable 🙂


Tony Robbins 6 human needs TED talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/tony_robbins_asks_why_we_do_what_we_do?language=en

Ignite your passion: Dhru Shah (episode 48)

I met Dhru when he delivered a speech at a dentistry study club that I was attending at that time. Dhru is passionate about personal development and he has an inspiring story and presence. One of my favourite interviews!

It is my pleasure to be talking with Dhru Shah, founder of Dentinal Tubules, an online community sharing knowledge and education between dentists. It’s the UK’s (and possibly the world’s) largest dental portal.

Dhru’s mission is to ignite passion in people, and he has done extensive research on the science of passion. Listen to this absorbing discussion about what is passion, what are the facets of passion, and the 5 characteristics of passionate people. Dhru explains how can someone fuel or reignite their passion if they’ve lost it, the harmonious versus obsessive passion, and how growth mindset and joyous exploration are key ingredients to living a fulfilling and contributing life.

A fascinating conversation, hope you enjoy and find it valuable!

Find your why – Simon Sinek
The passion paradox – Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness
The psychology of passion – Robert Vallerand

Instagram: dhru_dentinaltubules
FB: Dhru Ratilal Shah
Twitter: @dentinaltubules
LinkedIn: Dhru Shah

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.”
― Simon Sinek

Polar explorer: Curtis Knapton (episode 51)

I met Curtis at a property networking event, and I had the real pleasure of interviewing him. Curtis Knapton is a polar explorer in training with “Ice Warrior” who’s obsessed with pushing limits. Curtis talks about the expedition, the reasons why he is involved and why we should all become interested. We also discuss climate change, sustainability, plant based diet, and space exploration!

Listen to a fascinating discussion with a very inspired individual. And here are the links below to connect and find out more about Curtis and his mission.





Fear less live more: Sue Curr (episode 52)

It is my pleasure to be talking with Sue Curr, an exceptional lady with an inspiring story and message. Sue is an international public speaker and has featured in podcasts and radio shows around the world.

She helps and empowers people to fear less and live more, through coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. Listen to Sue describing her fascinating story and turning point in life. She explains how taking responsibility for our choices in life, stopping the disempowering stories we tell about ourselves, being authentic, courageous, and non apologetic, are all crucial elements to empower us on our way to success.

A fascinating conversation, hope you enjoy and find it valuable!


“We get what we settle for, we don’t have to settle for what we get”
― Seth Godin

Former Hong Kong Triad doorman turned motivational speaker: Chris Thrall (episode 53)

My conversation with Chris was outstanding! Chris has done some amazing and inspiring feats, like running an ultra-marathon a day for 37 days, or a 120 meter firewalk, and yet he is incredibly humble. We talked about his turbulent past – being a doorman for the Hong Kong triad, and suffering drug psychosis from crystal meth addiction.

Chris used chronic addiction as a springboard to achieve all of his life’s goals. In our conversation, Chris talks about balance, mindset, mental health, plant based diet and alkalinity, and how we’ve been lied to.

Thank you for all your support, feedback, and reviews during this first year of the podcast, and I am really excited and looking forward to the second year, with more outstanding interviews of exceptional people. Here’s to episode #100 !


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